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E39 touring rear wiper seized and release button not working

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I have a E39 touring with a seized wiper and non working glass hatch release. Before the hatch was opening randomly when you unlocked the car and had a intermittent issue. 


Does anyone know how to take apart the wiper and switch assembly?



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You need to get the glass open to free off the wiper mechanism properly; the switch is part of the wiper mechanism and is a genuine 100% PITA to get out so start hoping it's the wiring in the hinge..


To get the glass open you need to get to the two small black relays behind the rhs Touring boot cubby above the battery - they look like this...




Ignore K96 and look at the next four relays. You don't need the either-end large two relays  - in between them are two small black relays - these are for the tailgate releases. The front one is K70 for the main tailgate, the rear one is K90 for the tailgate glass.


Take the K90 relay out and then temporarily short out the two innermost (inboard to the car) contacts - you only need a momentary short; this should operate the release motor for the glass tailgate and it should open.


Basically the system is this; the switch in the wiper mechanism to open the tailgate runs up through the glass tailgate, through the glass tailgate hinge (where it breaks) and operates this K90 relay; the relay then sends power through the main tailgate hinge (where it breaks) to operate the release motor for the glass tailgate which is in the main tailgate. Why the FF they didn't just have power to the switch and release mechanism in the same glass tailgate and a mechanical pull release as a back up I will never figure out - it is just over-designed nonsense.


Once you've got the glass tailgate open you can circuit test the switch to the relay but I bet it's broken in the hinge.


Removing the switch/wiper mechanism (if you have to) is a swearing and hated event....



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