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E28 temperature control valve - help needed!

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Hi all, I originally replaced the cabin temp control valve as it was stuck on hot. since then, i have had 3 new ones (from main dealer) and they have lasted less than 500 miles, the last one only did 50 miles before it started leaking from the same place. Do you think these are just a dodgy batch or could something else be causing it? Never had the problem before until i replaced with the new ones. 

temp valve.jpg

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Hi Lloydy,


There is a lot of chatter over on mye28.com about this very subject and the consensus seems to be poorly manufactured replacement parts.


There is mention of using a similar "Water Valve" from another model as an alternative solution.


There is also a replacement "Valve" option (item 21) which you can use if you have a good crack free "Water Valve" body (item 2).






I had the constant heat in the cabin issue with the Zobelbraun Eta in late 2016, which is indicative of the internal valve (item 21) failure (perished rubber).


Already being aware of the questionable quality of the replacement "Water Vale" as a complete unit (item 2) I opted to replace the internal "Valve" (item 21) as my "Water Valve" body was in good condition.  I have driven less than 1000 miles on it since but still fully serviceable 2 1/2 years later.


The disappointing part about this is BMW's apparent lack of activity in addressing what is obviously a quality control issue with there supplier.  Replacing defective replacement parts with more of the same defective replacement parts is not addressing the fundamental cause, merely responding to the effect. 


To the best of my knowledge this issue has been around for more than 4 years without resolution, and must surely be harming the reputation of BMW.


Once all of these defective replacements parts are expended with this also be made "No Longer Available", time will tell.


Just my $0.02.






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Your welcome,


One of the benefits of the shared knowledge of a common subject that this great Forum provides.


"community of interest"


Try "Tim's" and If you have trouble sourcing a "Water Valve" body in the UK, then try Andy "south26" on "mye28.com" as he breaks E28's and may be able to help you.  Failing this then try a wanted add in the "For Sale / Wanted" section of "mye28.com".


I have had several parts from Andy in the last few years, delivered to both the UK and subsequently Canada, and recommend him without hesitation.






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