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E39 M5 Front Bleed Nipples

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Can anyone advise or confirm what size the front caliper bleed nipples are? 


My calipers have 8mm nipples but realoem lists it as an M10, and I ordered the listed part number from BMW (<£10 per pair) but they're definitely the listed size, and too big for the hole in the calipers. 

05 Ventilation valve M10X1 2     34116768018 $6.60


I used my VIN on realoem, and i don't think there was a revision in size over the years, so is it just a wrong listing or are the calipers wrong? 



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3 minutes ago, d_a_n1979 said:

Have a look on Brakes International 


8mm on Brakes International :wacko:


Why would bmw/realoem have a different size? 


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