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Comfort access problems with locking - help needed

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So been looking online and struggling to find solution. A couple of weeks ago I was getting a message on the dash saying that the battery was low in the comfort access. All working fine. I replaced the battery with the same duracell one. CA continued to keep working, and low battery warning had gone.


About 2 weeks later however, the car no longer opens with the key in my pocket, nor can I lock by touching the handles. When in the car, it tells me key isn't detected, so I have to put the key in the ignition. A hardship I know! I could live with it, would it not be for the fact that to lock and open the car now, I need to go right up close to the car, seems to be better towards the back of the car, and press either the lock or unlock button about ten times before it works.


Even typing this, I think it sounds like it might be the antenna (think I read it's called diversity antenna) which may have given up. Just seems an odd coincidence that I recently changed the battery, although it was working fine for a week or so before it's packed in.


Anything else I should check before I get the car looked at/checked in by someone who knows that they're doing!?



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