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Style 65 Refurb

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So after a bit of unexpected slipping and sliding on the ice a few weeks back and an unintended smack against the kerb, I sent my 65's (square set of rears) off to The Autowerks in the Slough Trading Estate for a full weld and refurbishment of all four alloys. 


Cracks and buckles:




Flat Spot


Finished Articles:




They came out waaay better than I could ever have imagined. The colour chosen was a McLaren Dark carbon and in the light the gloss makes them really pop. sets the colour off so well in comparison to the colour of the car (BiarritzBlau) 


The plan of action now, is to use some gtechniq panel wipe/speed detailer to get the cleanest base at which to start applying the gtechniq C5 Armour guard ceramic coating. This stuff has got reviews of being great at stopping brake dust and mud/dirt/crud deposits from sticking to the wheels in between the spokes and generally making them look like absolute crapbags. 


I'm also refurbishing the M5 front calipers & pistons with a Bigg Red kit, bleeding the lines and finally completing the repair from this irritating event. 


In conclusion, they're looking perfect. and soon (hopefully this weekend) the car will be properly back on the road and I can continue to strip down the M5 for the S62 touring project. 

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