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Advise me please. 2010 F10? 520 2.0l D SE. 181

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2007 will be the previous E model 5 series. 

I was after a 6 cyl petrol touring which took me a year to track down. If you're after a 520d you should be spoilt for choice. 

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18 hours ago, qprdude said:

This is a really helpful forum. The Citroen one is also excellent for advice and friendly banter. Before almost settling for a BMW, I had toyed with the idea of  a Jag XF, then I took a fancy to a VW CC. I took a test drive and it was really nice, with three suspension modes and a decent spec. I was nearly convinced, until I joined a VW forum, to do just what I'm doing here. I posted much the same questions regarding the CC and the first response I got was from an administrator who bluntly told me I had posted in the technical section before introducing myself as a newbie. He then went on to ask what I was doing on a VW forum when I owned a Citroen! I guess he didn't bother to read my post before sounding off. That more or less decided me that I would be looking at another brand. After one post, I have been made to feel welcome, given some very good advice and also told how to post the request for advice in this section after starting in the Newbie section. This is obviously a forum with a better class of membership with helpful suggestions rather than bitter moaning. Thanks for allowing me aboard.                       


I came here from Alfa ownership, expecting there to be a fair bit of car snobbery. There’s none at all, quite the opposite in fact. If anything, the Alfa forum has a fair amount of snobbery towards other car makes. Although, to be fair, driving an Alfa you have to put up with a bit of stick from folk who don’t appreciate cars.

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OP, just offering a counterpoint here.


Make sure you take a good long drive in the car, ideally alone, so you can make sure you are happy with the drive. The cars are very seductive but my time with the car showed up chinks that I missed when looking around. I recently sold my 2014 518d after 8 months of ownership having lusted after the F10 for years, lovely car in some respects, very disappointing in others. Engine was rough and noisy at idle (standard N47), the ride was fidgety (18" RFT), it also needed €1000's worth of warranty work in the short time I owned the car. 


In the end it did not stack up for me, I didn't like it enough to risk the long term ownership costs. With a six pot under the bonnet it may have been a different story.


You will find plenty of great advice and support here of you do push the button.

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