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So new I haven't got one yet

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Am I allowed on here without having a 5 series yet/ I'm dipping my ancient toe into the BMW waters and will be going to look at another 520d today. The last rear wheel drive car I had was a Jaguar S type so I suspect I've forgotten how to drive them. I don't need to get from a to b in the blink of an eye, but I need comfort. Currently I have a Citroen DS5, which is wonderful inside and out.....until you get to the suspension. Absolutely woeful, hence the search for something a little more forgiving that a horse and cart. Is there anything I should be aware of ? The car is a 2011 2.0l D SE. Haven't seen pictures yet, or spec, as it's arriving at the garage today sometime.  I love all the bells and whistles but realise I'm probably going to have to compromise , as I'm never going to get the stuff that the DS5 has as standard. These 5 series look to be pretty well specced though, even the base model. Any advice on what to look out for and what to avoid will be much appreciated. Thanks


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Welcome to the forum. For guidance and advice concerning what to look out for when buying, it may be best to copy/paste your thread into the appropriate technical section further down the home page.


Good luck. 

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