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Bmw 523i E39 suspected limp home??

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Hi, first post on this site so apologies if this is the wrong section or anything. 


Ive recently bought a 1999 523i manual with 77k miles for £800, in great condition for its price and age, all the cup holders work!


The only issue I’m having with it is that I’m colder mornings <4°, and only ever when the engine is cold, the engine will lose all power, it literally feels like it has about 30 horsepower. The only way to solve this is to turn the engine off at the next set of traffic lights and restart, and all is back to normal. 


ive never experienced limp home mode on any other cars so I’m not sure if this is what that is, but from what I read limp mode seems to restrict revs or speed, that doesn’t happen to me, i can still rev it right out, it’s just extremely slow. No warning lights, and it’s manual not auto. 


Anyone have any ideas? 


Cheers in advanced. 

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Welcome on in...


Simple things first; have you had the error codes read? If not, get that done ASAP! 

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