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Taffy 1

C.V. joints

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I have been looking at replacement C.V. joints for my 535i and on a suppliers site one I listed "with groove in inner part(inside)" absolutely verbatim. The other is listed as without groove. 

Can anybody shine any light on this? The suppliers haven't any idea.

I can't order what I need till I have a clear idea of what is meant.

I bet John H will know. 

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Sorry Taffy, havent got a clue.:mrgreen: Seriously I dont know.

I have rebuilt a couple of sets in the past and just used the GKN (the OE supplier) kit for the vehicle build date (528i SE 9/84 and 525e 10/86). I've only done it because of torn rubbers and as I've said before changed the assembled shafts side to side to allow the balls to run on an unworn part of the joint.

The earlier car didnt use reinforced trailing arms and the later one did. I seen to remember Bavaria and I had a bit of fun listing out the various combinations of components. I see if I can find it. 

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Thank you John,


Do the splined shaft separate from the CV joint easily or did you have to press it out?



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