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Handbrake warning light fault?

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Evening guys,


bit of a strange one. My handbrake warning light illuminates with the handbrake off, but when I apply the handbrake, the light goes out. 


I have had a lot of the car apart recently (dashboard out etc), but would presume if something was incorrectly plugged in, it either would be on or off all the time, not work backwards!!



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You might be best including the year and model of your car because things change. For example, pre 1992 cars appear to  have a line going off the circuit that feeds the warning light and connects to the ABS. The handbrake circuit is essentially a switch to ground so is pretty simple. 


You probably have a grey 12 pin plug that goes into the back of the cluster and I am pretty sure you can only fit cluster plugs one way. There is also a connector under the centre console but I doubt you have touched it. You don't mention if you have check control. If you don't, maybe have a quick look at your brake fluid level too.


Link to wiring diagrams is below. You are probably looking at connectors X271 (cluster plug) and X423 (under console) but pick the diagram which corresponds with the year of your car.


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