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richardp is it possible to code the intravee to display in cluster?

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is it possible to display some features of the intravee in the cluster to turn them on and off? i have a steathone and can enter into a menu and change its features is it possible to have this type of set up for those who want to use a nonoem set up but still retain features and able to turn some on and off without hooking own radio back up? thanks

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Technically it would be possible.  However there are a number of issues in implementing it in the Intravee.  


First, the Intravee code is quite heavily dependent on knowing when the radio is allowing it to write to the display, this is linked to the CD Changer getting the 'Play' command.  This would have to overridden which would then make it tricky to know when to write to the display.


Second, there is virtually no free space in the Intravee for extra code/data, of course you could have special firmware to do it, but that just complicates things both from a development point of view and for anyone that might buy the Intravee later, not knowing that it has a special firmware version on it.


Never say never, but at this point in time, unlikely.

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