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Aerosol spray adhesive. It's quite a known issue on older cars and if you want to do the job properly, you will have to drop the whole lot down. Alternatively make a small incision in the lining and insert spray adhesive nozzle into effected area and you might just get away with it :)

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2 hours ago, Blackman said:

Can the headliner be removed without having to take out the front or rear windscreens? I've got a sunroof model, if that makes a difference?


The headlining can be removed by removing the passenger front seat and door .and opening the drivers rear door.

  This way puts less strain on the lining more so if you have a good one to remove from a donor 


Edit The Touring examples seem to suffer far worse than the saloons with their sagging lining ... But luckily  far easier to change.


Stefan is playing with the idea of repairing the lining in Boudica with Parchment dyed suede  of leather/PVC ...

PVC does handle temperature change better and could be better for the lining ? as i imagine any new linings from BMW would be :ph34r: 

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