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Front Spoiler

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Do I fit a front spoiler to my E34?

I want it to look a little more mean and this could be the way forward. And as it is going to the body shop soon I might as well get them to paint and fit it.

Two questions...

1) Which one? As I have seen a few on eBay and yes I know they are not genuine Sport ones but they are a fraction of the cost. Also needs to be OEM looking

This one

Another one

An Alpina style one But this looks like is has "Alpina" in it and not a sticker which I couldn't have as it is not an Alpina and I don't want a rep

Another Alpina style

2) What colour would be best to paint it? The sports look like they have colour coded bumpers with the splitter bit being the same colour. But the lower part of my bumper is black so having it red would look silly I think, so black? But then would it be noticeable if it were black?



What I do like is what my friend has on his E21(although not sure on number plate placement)



Or I could just not bother and leave it as it is.

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@cableguy that would be nice but don’t think I could justify the cost of it! 


The links are only ideas though, so not sure what others are using. The first Alpina one is sort of my favourite but I’m not sure again now. As a closer look mine has a little bit of trim under the front fog lights whereas lookin at a B10 the splitter part goes all the way to the fog lights, will this mean adding a splitter will make it even lower? 

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e34 Alpina Bumpers in most styles would add a little depth to the front. Standard and Sport Bumpers are not much different in how low they are but the Sport Bumper adds the ducts and outward lip which looks much better IMO.



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Having a closer look at Alpinas it might have to be that, unless the first one I linked doesn't have the word Alpina in raised lettering on. Will enquire and see....


Although have just found THIS but not sure that would look gash on mine, I have a feeling it will.


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