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Price history for bmw

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The original owner of my E34 was so OCD is that in the paper work is a brochure for the E39 and some other stuff. I think there is a price list of them as I recall something being hilightes as it was a similar spec to the E34 as a possible replacement. I’ll dig it out when at home later. 

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My September 2000 pricelist* has the following for E39 Tourings;


520i, £25,210**

520i SE, £26,850

525i, £27,070

525i SE, £28,490

525d, £27,070

525d SE, £28,490

530d SE, £31,395

530i SE, £31,395

540i, £41,950***


A year 2000 Alpina pricelist gives the following for E39 Tourings;


B10 3.3 Manual, £37,950

B10 3.3 Switch-Tronic, £39,950

B10 V8, £56,950


I have the 2001 Sytner B10 V8 Touring demonstrator which was specced up from £56,950 to £74,000****


*All prices are on the road inc VAT.

**A basic 520i Touring at £25,210 could be specced up with well over £20,000 worth of options without  BMW Individual options

***Even at £41,950 with a very good spec there was still well over £10,000 worth of options to add to a 540i Touring without going into the BMW Individual programme.

****My car hasn't got double glazing @ £680, integrated rear child seats @ £260, ski-bag @ £150 (although I have one to retro-fit), retractable load floor @ £375, tyre pressure control @ £280, and probably a few more obscure options.

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