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My Brother's E60 525i SE

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So my brother decided he wanted more comfort than his 2012 F30 328i Luxury offered and after I got my latest E60 he decided he wanted a 5 series. Problem is he wanted to get many optional bits which prooved impossible with F10's in his budget. So I said why not get an older E60 and get the things you want retro fitted if it doesnt have them?


So he bought this with my help. a 2005 525i with the silky smooth M54 2.5 with a mere 93k miles and one of the weirdest set of optional extras I've seen.


Comfort seats, metallic paint, parking sensors, Style 115 16's (A £70 optional extra - I have the 2004 price list), leather, 6 cd changer, sport steering wheel, bluetooth, spare wheel.

Nav? Nope, Heated seats? Nope, Xenons? Nope


So got my work cut out with some of the retro fits I'm doing for him and having a specialist do some of the work and coding for us.


These are the dealers pictures:





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First job before all the other stuff being done was a full detail by my good friend Dave at Auto Vogue. Whilst mine he was able to do on our driveway in one day, this required 16 hours of work and he took it to his workshop over the weekend but the results speak for themselves:



Since then I have replaced all the interior lights and number plate lights with LEDs, 3D Gel number plates, M4 style gloss black grills, (yes he is copying my ideas) front and rear badges and Dave has taken the Style 122's that mine came with to be refurbished for which we have new centre caps to go on which will be going on this later this week.

Tomorrow it is booked in to have CIC pro nav, LCI Dual zone and powerfold wiring and coding. Helpfully I still have the powerfolds off my old 520i that will be going on here.


Once they arrive will be fitting F10 style rear lights and also have LCI Halogen headlights to go on as the standard ones are so naff.


Will also be fitting courtesy of my old 520i a new alternator and drive belts, iridium plugs & pipercross panel filter.


Pics to follow when all done :)


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5 hours ago, d_a_n1979 said:

That looks a lovely motor


Never seen those alloys before though


It is a lovely car (not as nice as mine of course :P )

I didnt think they were 5 series wheels to start with but then had a look in the price list and saw them. Debating what to do with them as they do have good tyres on them still as my original suggestion was to get winter tyres put on them and keep them for winter to protect the nicely refurbished 122's but seems a waste of good tyres

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