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Bought her in November 2018 as a standard car in great condition with Full Service History

She has a great deal of options including electric memory seats with steering colum, power fold mirrors, pro nav including dual zone, 6 cd changer, sunroof, solar windscreen, spare wheel, adaptive xenons etc. Dealer not knowing his engines proudly boasted it had the M54 3.0 but as soon as I opened the bonnet I spotted err thats an N52 :D


These are the dealers pics:01.thumb.jpg.95f28ae138b741f1986b1e060646148a.jpg02.thumb.jpg.97dd2781d39b5f75f1daa5a42433d9ec.jpg03.thumb.jpg.3c23d93869b40ea2fe58f609133a8577.jpg04.thumb.jpg.75892b9bac2ed005f6fd44b18ab34e59.jpg05.thumb.jpg.93ad181488db4cc9556d3784148a925d.jpg06.thumb.jpg.f7cf77fcdd2cbc0ec6dd2a03c0a1296b.jpg07.thumb.jpg.123acd860529a6e7a3b80f2795bba840.jpg08.thumb.jpg.8d4af44cc8d6d28cbb65fb302f3c2826.jpg09.thumb.jpg.a290676a63d7b4eedd27440727d49333.jpg10.thumb.jpg.d5438cb49146f12b49e9cf5f5cc93c6e.jpg11.thumb.jpg.ed5af99f62009420023c917b95d703e4.jpg12.thumb.jpg.76fe82968b8a055fddf7067fe10cea6e.jpg

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Since Buying her I've done a bit. So far fitted Brembo discs and pads, new drop links, track rod ends, poly bushed front control arms, 3D Gel number plates, M4 style gloss black grills, 5 spoke alloys off my old 520i with new tyres, LED lights, upgraded xenon bulbs, wind deflectors, carbon effect badges, new floor mats, M-Sport steering wheel re-trimmed, Detailed by Auto Vogue with Tribos Polymer coating, pipercross panel filter, NGK Iridium Spark Plugs.


The new parts pile. Does include rear discs and pads which I haven't done yet but will be soon:





Whilst this has technically lowered the specification as had the  Style 122 8J 5 spokes fitted and now only have the more common and cheaper Style 138 7.5J  5 Spokes this is because the 138's had 4 new matching tyres and I plan to go for a nice set of 19's in the future with the 122's being refurbished at the moment to go on to my brothers E60 fitted with the weird option of style 115 16" wheels (actually a £70 optional extra over the standard Style 134 16's)



Had these lying around, no idea where they actually came from but thought why not fit them for some fun:




Then did the Number plates and grills:




and thats my dads LCI E61 next to it (he will be selling that soon as barely uses it so plans to downsize to a 3 series touring)


Since the dealer didnt provide this picture and proudly boasted on the advert it was an M54 (which I actually wanted as I had a load of spares for the M54 from my 520i) and then saw this beauty of an N52. I will be honest, this is after I cleaned it as was far more disgusting than that :D




Then had my good friend David Brutus from Auto Vogue come and detail it including a Tribos Polymer coating. 




and as you can tell from the last 2, he spent all day on it and I had fitted all my LED lights and new upgraded xenon bulbs


During this time I had also purchased an M Sport steering wheel as I hated the standard SE one having had a sport one in my 520i (which I stupidly sold as was planning on keeping my Audi A4 for a bit and saving up longer but after it started using as much oil as petrol it had to go)

So this is the M Sport wheel when I got it. Now as my car is an SE and I have no intention of fitting M Sport kit or M Badges the badge on this had to go and it needed re-trimming so I sent it to Royal Steering wheels who did such a lovely job for my Audi's wheel I had to use them again. This time I wanted perforated leather with suede on the top. All in black with beige stitching to contrast and match my interior and whilst it was away I worked on the plastics sanding them smooth, filling the badge recess and finally wrapping in satin black vinyl.




This is what I got back from Royal Steering Wheels. Can see why I like using them:




I then re-assembled it all and fitted it:




So much nicer and compared to the old one, well no brainer which is better:





I am currently installing one of those lovely Mr12Volt CD changer emulators to give me USB, aux, SD and bluetooth streaming but it doesn't work despite being correctly installed so will be reviewing that after talks with seller. In the future when funds allow will be going for full CIC pro Nav upgrade but thats a little while off as I like to focus on the other jobs first (my brothers having his 525i retrofitted with CIC on Wednesday)


She will be coming off the road soon so I can replace all the suspension with Sachs shocks, Eibach springs and a few more poly bushes as well as gearbox service, engine service, replacement front wheel bearings and back brakes replaced. Also need to get something better than the brembo discs and pads as I've already warped them as seems to be a common issue from people on facebook with those.


I'm also on the lookout for a set of beige Comfort Seats if anyone knows of any going :) 









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That is a lovely car, spec and condition :)


A dealer not knowing their stuff eh; wonders never cease :lol: 

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5 hours ago, d_a_n1979 said:

That is a lovely car, spec and condition :)


A dealer not knowing their stuff eh; wonders never cease :lol: 

I know - who would of thought that a dealer doesn't know what they are selling :lol:


Thank you for the kind words. She's my baby. Irony is I didn't want a silver one and also didn't want a beige interior so got a silver one with a beige interior :lol:


Although I have realised that all 4 BMW's I've owned, not one has had heated seats despite being specced up models. My E46 had powerfolds, leather, nav, my e39 had comfort seats, xenons, etc, my previous E60 had powerfolds, electric memory, adaptive xenons, pro nav etc but not one of them had heated seats.


I think the first owner of this one believed that Britain is sunny hence going for sunroof, solar windscreen but no heated seats 


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