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Trump, like him or loath him?

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Watergate took three years so things appear to be ok timewise; you haven't commented on the 9000 falsehoods - do have an opinion at all?


Trump's scrutiny is somewhat bought upon himself by doing all the things to excess he criticised the previous incumbent for (golf, holidays etc), failure to keep his promise to reveal his tax returns like all recent Presidents have, his strength in belief in the word of the Russian President over his own security services, his uneven responses to shootings, rally deaths, etc, his unquestioning belief in the word of both the Saudi's and the Russian's over their State sponsered murders in other Sovereign countries, and probably a few more things.


As well as commenting on the 9000 falsehoods, what may i ask do you think are the 'great things he has done for the USA' ? Genuinely curious as to your opinion thanks.

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He's boosted trade, he's got the lowest unemployment figures for decades, people are taking home more pay thanks to his tax cuts, yet the government is earning more in revenue due to increased productivity. He's making every effort to uphold his promises.

He's trying to pull American troops out of the Middle East.

The markets are up significantly.

Thanks to Trumps policies I hope to be building a house for cash later this year.

I didn't invest until in the USA after he became president because under 0bama the markets were stagnant. The indicators said take a chance and I did. I was going to pull them last year but more opportunities surfaced and I'm glad I took the chance.

Those same indicators are saying invest in GB after brexit.

So I'll be looking to invest pretty heavily in British industry provided the government don't mess this while brexit thing up.

You're looking at the issue with blinkers on. You see everything they want you to see and you simply don't bother to look for what's underneath.

The first step I advise anyone to do is stop believing what anyone shows you and look for the truth yourself.

Most people couldn't be bothered to spend a few hours digging into what's behind the stories in the news, seeing what's really false, and what's really going on.

I don't even watch TV or pick up a newspaper, because it's all rubbish designed to keep you down.


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On 03/03/2019 at 17:21, Sir Anthony Regents-Park said:



Not really. Just look at our own gutter press - that started with the Mail and the Sun and has now worked its way out to anything Tory/Murdoch. The stuff they write about Corbyn is just laughable - but folk actually believe it. They still believe that papers tell the truth. 





The lies and exaggerations printed about Brexit and Trump have really opened my eyes to the extreme political bias of the media, Inc. Facebook, Twitter, Google. Huge media corps led by globalist leftists intent on censoring conservatism. 

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