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e34 recommissioning

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First pic I took of the car


Collection day , unfortunately wouldn't start with a brand new battery , so had to be winched on.


1st inspection once home



Plan is to return to as close to OEM as I can within my budget . MOT and see where we are from there.


Engine recommissioning:

  • Oil and filter
  • 6 spark plugs
  • renewed vacuum lines that were missing/perished
  • metal thermostat housing to replace leaking plastic one
  • new hoses top and bottom
  • aircon belt (perished) replaced
  • g48 coolant
  • engine flush due to some crud inside coolant channels
  • new radiator cap (old one holding no pressure)
  • new thermostat
  • new solenoid on starter (to cure the not starting issue)



Once she was running , noticed , 11v on the charging , and no batt light .

So set about replacing the rectifier.


Fiddly little job , but...



Good as new !


Took her for a quick drive down the private road , she is a bit boaty and clutch isn't very positive , i suspect master cylinder maybe due to it not actually slipping under load , just being lazy to disengage!

Coilovers obtained for future fitting , FK 


I then proceeded to inspect for usual e34 nasty spots.



Pleasantly suprised , not seen an e34 sill like this for 20 years , then I went mental and degreased the underside and treated the problem zones with some decent protection.



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I'm at a loss on where to go once its MOT'ed , i've not got the money to have a full respray like it deserves , and its not exactly going to be used a lot , I have a 540i on the way I couldn't say no too. (I have a problem with saving cars I think , must be my penance for drifting BMW's for 10 years ) , I think i'll see how I get on with the interior , and MOT , the interior is testing my patience at the moment , i've only got 2 out of 4 weekends at moment to work on it...





Won't be beaten.

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