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F07 wing mirrors

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And you can code these so they close with a shorter press of the lock button..... and I have a valid reason to mention this and hijack a thread ^_^


SO, I have a theory that the 5GT roof blind issue "may" be contributed to by the lock and fold of the mirrors, and no I have not been drinking (yet).. for example, if you have the roof blind fully open and lock the car with a short press, nothing happens aside from locking the car, if you wish to fold the mirrors by holding the lock button slightly longer, full closure operation, these will fold and the roof blind will begin to close, but when you let go of the lock button the roof blind stops.

My thoughts are that over the years of folding the mirrors when locking and the roof blind edging forward and stopping "may" contribute... any thoughts ?

(and yes I now have the dreaded roof blind sagging/loose the full length of the passenger side)



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