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What pads to remove oxidation and swirls?

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I've an lci E60 in carbon black. The previous owner loved drive thru washes by the looks of it as it looks like it's never had a detail in its life. It's covered in swirls and has pretty bad oxidation on the bonnet. 


After some research I've just bought my first ever machine polisher along with some meguiars ultimate compound and ultimate polish to tackle the oxidation/swirls. As I've always just hand polished my cars in the past, I've no idea what pads I need to buy for the DA polisher. Can anyone recommend some pads for cutting through the oxidation and finishing with the polish? 



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I would have a quick look on detailing world. I'm not sure on how megs compounds work out but you don't want to mix a heavy cut pad with a heavy cut compound as you may end up burning through the paint. Trick is to start with a light combination and find one which works for you. I've used Menz PO85rd with a yellow pad to achieve a nice finish. 


Did you go for a DA polisher? or is it a rotary?

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