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faulty dynavin n6 (bmw e39)

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My dynavin n6 unit  i had in my e 39 stopped working all i get is a white screen!

tried to contact them via website nothing ...i dont have a warranty anyhow...but i was wondering if is something fixable anybody opened one up ?or if u know where to ask for help

i want to fix it if possible as new ones are v expensive! im back to my old cassette deck<_<



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Hi Rad22,


Is this the place you've tried to get in touch with ? https://dynavindirect.co.uk/contact/ 


If so, give them a call and hopefully you'll get through to ask about out of warranty repairs/spare parts. They 'should' be able to offer this given they're the UK official distributor. If you can't get through and there's no response, try the head office - http://www.dynavin.com/contact.php. I'd have thought you should get a response from them. They'll know the part number of the components used and if it is the TFT panel itself that's faulty, they should carry spares. Else, they might take it back to test to see what's wrong at a minimal charge and then let you know the cost of a repair. Hopefully you do get somewhere with them as there's nothing about repairs/parts etc on these sites. 


Let us know how you get on. If you don't get a response or what they come back with isn't so good, then there are independent car audio repair specialists in the UK you could talk to. I suspect they won't have any schematics or parts lists for Dynavin or other Chinese units, so they might charge extra to try and identify components and IC's that have been used to see if they're available via their suppliers. 


Here's some independent specialists;




Northolt Car Radio Repairs, 6 Ealing Road, Station Parade, Northolt UB5 5HR. 0208 845 1525


https://www.centralservicescaraudio.co.uk/car-audio-and-navigation-repair (I've previously used these guys and been happy with the work done)






Cheers, Dennis!

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Thanks Dennis! 

I'll try the second address ( I think I've used the first one already )see if they get back at me! 

If not I do know a place in bristol, local and although they were a bit reluctant they will look at it and maybe they can fix it! I've had it for over an year now and it worked fine till  Nov last year 

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