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Engine gasket sealant

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Am in the process of reconstructing my engine and wondered what the best methods are for achieving a good seal between block/sump/timing covers/head


all gaskets are new and oem.


Sump gasket; as it’s cork and should compress when bolts are torqued, is it wise to apply sealant, and what has been tried and tested?


is sealant usually applied between lower timing cover and sump where the gasket is cork?


Timing covers; I have Loctite 5926 for gaskets between timing covers (upper and lower) and head/block, is there anything better suited?


I’m assuming there is no sealant necessary between upper and lower timing covers where the head gasket is sandwiched, can anyone verify?


rear crank seal housing; is a bead of gasket sealant necessary between block and housing plate?

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