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530i Sport Manual 2002 “52” Price drop £995

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Topaz blue 2002 “52” 530i manual sport RF52 MKU

The facts: 
Brand new mot 10-01-19
215k Miles
Sat nav
Alcantara interior
Many owners - will confirm 
Manual gearbox 
No service history/book pack
Welcome to an honest advert where hopefully nobody’s time will be wasted. 
I’m selling this for a friend, but interested parties will likely be dealing with me directly. 
The car is located near Bristol. 
I’ve driven this around 250 miles last week and I’m impressed how good it still feels. The suspension isn’t overly tired considering the mileage, clutch doesn’t slip (pedal creaks a bit, has been like this for at least 4 years) and I managed to get late 20’s mpg on my daily commute to work. 
No coolant or oil was lost during my time with it, however there is a slight vibration at motorway speeds 70-80, not the usual shimmy at 55ish, so possibly a wheel balance issue. Again, there is a slight vibration when braking, and a bit of a pulse when coming to a stop, likely to be the OSF brake disc as mentioned on the mot minor fault list. 
There is pretty chronic rust on the OSF wing (pictured) but at least it’s a bolt on part, the boot lid also has the usual rust bubbling around the lock/handle/random places, and there are a few very small patches at various points across the car. The sills & jacking points however are excellent, as are the rear arches where they meet the bumpers. Both bumpers have minor cracks that aren’t terribly noticeable, the front undertray is missing, both splash guards are present but slightly war wounded. The bonnet has a good amount of stone chips, some of which have been poorly touched in. 
New front discs & pads are supplied with the car, though they are of a cheap & not too cheerful kind and will likely end up the same as the ones currently fitted in no time at all, but hey, they’re free! 
Very recent new budget front tyres fitted, and rear tyres fairly well endowed with tread. Front & rear pads showing good life also. 
Assume it needs an insp2, brake fluid & coolant change as the service indicator says, however this can be carried out for a additional cost if needed, with pictures for proof. 
There are 3 keys for the car, only one of which will open the car remotely, but doesn’t fit the locks as it is just a random one used for remote operation only. 
All in all a pretty presentable & useable car, not without its charms of course but definitely worth saving. Being a manual it’s quite a rare machine, if I hadn’t got so many projects already I’d quite happily buy it myself and keep it in storage until such time it became useful, which is if doesn’t sell I may do anyhow, as if nothing else it’s a very rot free shell compared to my own E39. 
Any questions I’ll be happy to try and help, I’m sure there’s something I’m bound to have forgotten. 
Price is £995. 
I will attempt to upload some pictures below. 












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Price drop

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Where is the car Luke?

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