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535i Andrew

F10 535i Front brake service reset DIY

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To reset the front brake service icon, you need to firstly have changed the front brake pads and installed a new pad wear sensor and released the handbrake/parking brake.





Front brakes service warning on idrive




Detailed service info




Dash warning for front brakes and note the Red P warning in centre of dash that the handbrake is still on.  Release the handbrake.  This is critical or it won't work.




Red handbrake warning is not present, ready for next step.  Press and hold the trip reset button down. you will notice that your trip distance resets itself to 000.0 and then reverts back to what it was previously reading.


By pressing an holding down the trip reset button the dash now enters the service reset mode.




Still holding down the trip reset button will display this.  Release the trip rest button and press again *but hold down* the trip reset button to start the reset process.




Resetting front brake pad warning in progress.  Apologies for the poor photos I was trying to capture it whilst doing it and holding down the trip reset button.




Reset still in progress.  I'm still pressing down the trip reset button.




Reset worked, 50,000 miles to go till new pads needed.




idrive updated 




Reset perfectly.  The trick for brake service reset is to have replaced the pad wear sensor and released the handbrake/parking brake.  It won't work unless you have done these two things!


* at this point if you release the trip reset button and press it again, it will toggle thru the service icons to allow other service intervals to be reset.


This is the first time I've reset the service interval on my F10 and it was much easier than the E60!


Front brake discs and pads change below.



Brake fluid change (front calipers only) below.



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