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Glowplug, Glowplug Relay, Injector or EGR Valve?

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I know my car is not an F10 or F11, but same engine as a 535D so my issue...

Slightly rough idle at cold start up for a few seconds with a slightly slower start than usual used to be 1 crank but it is nearer 2 now. 
Under full throttle onto a slip road when half warm there is a metallic rattle that is very fast in terms of speed  obviously until I let off, this noise is only these under load not at any other time. When up to normal temperature it sounds just as smooth as usual for a 6 pot diesel even under full throttle.
Mpg is probably about 0.5 to 1 mpg down around 34.
No white/grey smoke from the exhaust but it has done a regeneration twice this tank instead of the usual once.
Head is saying diesel injector or glowplug, but it is booked in for diag with bmw end of Jan. But just want ideas.

I have extended warranty so not that worried regarding costs honestly...
Mileage is 44k.


I have read some of the previous thread with similar noises that turned out to be the glowplugs/glowplug relay, but I doubt that because of the regeneration cycle being twice in fairly short timescales (in which the mileage increased probably by about 100 ish miles between regen...

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