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Intravee Switch Potential Fault

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Back in March 2017 I bought an Intrevee Switch from ToysInYourCar.com for my E39 which worked fine for me using 2 channels.
I've since sold the car and removed the switch and sold it separately on eBay late last year.
However the buyer has since come back saying that "it only works on 2 of the 3 channels, the 3rd channel fails to operate". So I've received the unit back and refunded them for it.
As I have no way to test this does anyone know someone that would be able to test and rectify any faults with the unit?

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The default setting for the switch is 2 A.I.-Net and one Aux port. So if it’s port 3 that’s not working it’s just a question of reconfiguring it when connected to an Intravee.

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Yeah I thought it could be a config thing, and I asked him if he'd changed any configs, but apparently the installer had fitted them before so was confident it wasn't working...

I'm almost certain I'd checked all 3 inputs when I was having issues with a connector, but I couldn't swear to it.

I've had a look at the bottom of the board and the soldering looks fine (neat little board actually)

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