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e32 750iL Calypso Red

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On 21/09/2020 at 23:25, Steve540 said:

Meanwhile... I’ve provisionally bought a club interior for the e38. I’ll take more pics when it arrives. It’s just like my oem interior only it’s not black and grey. But I’m hoping a re dye will sort that out 

Still tempted to retrim my contours to suit because they are so much nicer than the comforts I’ve bought! But the oem spec is comforts



Trim the Contours and sell me that ultramarine club stuff ;)

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53 minutes ago, sharkfan said:


Trim the Contours and sell me that ultramarine club stuff ;)

Haha, i didn't realise you had an e38? any details?

I won't be letting go of this interior, I still cant believe I managed to find a complete one! 


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1 hour ago, Steve540 said:

Haha, i didn't realise you had an e38? any details?


I picked one up after developing a V12 itch a few years ago and after a long search through a lot of E32 and E38 V12's I bought an E38 Alpina B12 5.7 Langversion (lwb), one of two UK cars. It's Montreal Blue over blue-piped champagne so the ultramarine wouldn't really go that well, but I have ultramarine leather in my E34 Touring and I really rather like it.

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Replaced fuel hoses and emission lines on the E32. Currently refinishing the intake manifolds since they are the next thing to be installed 


Meanwhile.. the 750 arrived and I didn’t even have to advertise the wheels before they sold! I already have a set of parallels bought for the E32 that are in storage, so a spare set for the e38 just seemed a waste 



The alpinas have been waiting for this moment ever since I bought them 2 years ago.. 



As you can see, it rains a lot here.. 

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I appreciate the feedback!

And I agree. I’m planning on lowering it at the front. Currently looking into the different options


I might have to fit coil overs though. It depends on how it rides from dropping the front a little 

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Many weeks ago I washed the 7 and was sitting inside it feeling the headliner (as you do) and I noticed the B pillars very cold.. almost damp image.gif.c30e06d98c60b9f24df0e317e2d3dd11.gif So I took them off and low and behold there were water droplets in behind them image.gif.c2fc647bd1c9770bc6809010ebc262c0.gif

Sunroof leak then, great!
Could have been 1 of many things. There are 4 drains in the sunroof, two that come out at the back bumper and 2 that come out under the windscreen seal. I had this problem with the 740 and it was the windscreen seal drains that were blocked. But its also possible that the rubber pipes in the cassette can come apart and discharge the water directly onto the headliner
Decided to drop the front of the headliner to check if the drains had come off first
But, without thinking I moved the sunroof forward with the bump stops removed and this happened..


So thats the sunroof toast. Cassettes are set and calibrated from the factory. I would have to remove the cassette to repair that one, and I'd never get it set properly so I just decided to replace it with a whole new/used unit 
I took a cassette out of this 740

And then went about taking the one out of my 750. Headliner, drivers seat and rear seat out..

I replaced the sound deadening cardboard before refitting the new cassette. Also used jubilee clips to clamp all of the rubber drain pipestempimagem1jdxl-png.307769


Once the cassette was fitted I thoroughly water tested it ! never ever want to see another leak again

So to go back to the cause of the leak.. I assume it was from the bump stops in the sunroof cassette. These are sealed with silicon from the factory. When my car got its new headliner they would have been removed and refitted without new silicon. I've resealed them, cleared out all drains and clamped them.. so theoretically this thing cannot leak but I still water tested it just to be sure.. with a hose

This job took many hours. After work out in a cold shed all because I destroyed the sunroof. However, it's future proofed for leaks now and in doing so the initial leak has been resolved


I then fitted a new BMW windscreen seal since the old one was shot and destroyed when I was checking the drain channels 



Also got two new batteries out of BMW and a trickle charger for them

tempImagePDlLL4.png tempImageekmv9M.png tempImageJfm4Iq.png


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Got the rocker covers back from the powder coaters. He must have left them outside and the insides where a right mess. But after a bit of scrubbing they came up well
Before fitting I gave everything a good cleaning



There was some sludgy crap in around the engine as shown below...


Spent a long time cleaning all that off. Also made sure the cams where nice and clean before refitting the covers. Its amazing the amount of dust that can sneak through a closed bonnet and towels

New gaskets from BMW

Both sides fitted 

Next up was sealing the intake gaskets. They were stinking in carbon and general crap. They are £150 each so I decided to clean them up and see if they were worth re installing.. and they were


Added a fine film of sealer on the intake ports and the gaskets and torqued everything up to spec



Spent more time cleaning in around the engine than actually fitting parts. Its now been hours and a lot of carbon cleaner haha. And from looking at that last photo I still have more to do.. although there seems to be some weird surface corrosion on the aluminium that doesn't come off. It wasn't on the intake ports which was the main thing


I also replaced all the high/low pressure fuel pipes, vac lines and emission hoses. All reinstalled using new clips 

So next up is refitting the intake manifolds. Currently cleaning them, so hopefully I will get them refinished soon and installed so I can hear this v12 purr again

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Got a box of bits from BMW 


I had a coolant leak before I started work on the e32. I had a suspicion it was pipe 12, as it runs directly from the expansion tank so it's always full of coolant. 


The old expansion tank was that brittle it actually broke inside the pipe and bits of plastic became lodged in the pipe that I couldn't get out. So I decided to replace it. Cost a fortune and came all the way from Germany but its here now and its on! Delayed progress this week but it’s a job that can only be done with the intakes off, so it was now or never. 
I had to to remove the rocker cover again to fit it and other coolant pipes since it was so hard to access 
I decided to remove the other rocker cover again to make sure everything was spotless
Just to keep track of part numbers I’ll post them on here 

Refinished the intake manifolds. Really pleased with how they turned out

After a lot of cleaning I was ready for the intake manifolds



Intake manifolds fitted, with gasket sealer applied



I was cleaning up the throttle bodies and noticed one of them wasn't working very well. If I pressed it open it barely closed.. very slow and sticky. Which is strange as these symptoms would cause the care to over rev in one bank of cylinders which it didn't do. I decided to take it apart and clean it despite bmws best efforts at fitting tamper proof screw!

As you can see, everything was clogged with carbon



As you can see, the brushes were not in contact with the motor. Meaning this throttle body wasn't working at all! That explains the lack of power then. You are probably thinking if the car was down a bank of cylinders you would notice just by listening to it? well, not really.. since it works of 2 banks of 6 cyls, when one bank is down the engine still sounds silky smooth since theres still 1 bank of 6 cyls running. V12s are notorious for hiding problems like this .. they are very hard to diagnose misfires, the joys of balanced crank and banks

So this is what the brushes should have looked like ..
Everything else was cleaned up and reassembled
Currently tiding up the rest of the engine bay. Particularly where the radiator sits. It is black with crap and there is some surface rust where the mounts were attached. Car is now running, I pulled the fuses of the fuel pumps and let it turn over for 30 seconds to build up the oil pressure. Only had it going briefly as the rad was disconnected, but so far everything has been a success !
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Decided to daily drive this as of last Saturday. So, first drive after 8 months of ownership and I absolutely love it. Lots of work to do though, which I’ll hopefully get stuck into soon


Also picked up a set of these. Tempted to try them on the e32 :ph34r: haven’t  arrived home yet 


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E38, as always, looks great. Mine was off the road for a while with a full under-car re-plumbing necessary after its years of Aberdeen salt.


What rims are those? 22's?

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Thanks @sharkfan

The wheels on the e38 are 21 B7 alpinas and the ones I just bought are 20 B12 alpinas, probably the same ones that are on yours? Only you have the proper car to match them! 

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Stunning motor. I've got a G11 750 but the E32 is just something else. 

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