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Cadwell Parker

How to spot yellow grommet repair

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Is there any way to easily spot whether the leaking yellow grommet issue is present on a car or has been previously rectified? Obviously if the carpet is damp there's an issue somewhere but on a car which has been stored inside for some time any existing problem might not be immediately apparent. Also the current owner might have no idea about the issue and be unaware whether or not the fix had been done.


Does this problem appear on all cars eventually and is it dependent on mileage, the age of the car or is it more random?


I'm going to have a look at a couple of cars this afternoon so I'd appreciate any pointers on what to look for to spot a repair.



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You can’t tell if a straight - remove cover - clear crud - clean the waterway - replace cover - process has taken place. 


As this is a design “feature”, all F10/11 (and probably other models) can be affected by it. but it is easy to fix so I would be worrying about it.


Note that the yellow grommet is the ingress point to the cabin but the actual issue is the build up of crud in the plenum formed by the acoustic cover on the bulkhead and the bulkhead itself. People say the Yellow Grommet failing is the issue but that is just a secondary flaw that BMW designers hadn’t expected to need the robust sealing you’ll find elsewhere on the car. Crud build up is the actual issue. 

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Sounds like a similar issue to that which affected the b5 Passat which I've experience of. More an annoyance to be kept an eye on rather that anything major to be concerned about. 


Thanks for the reassurance  :-)


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