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poss leap in to E28 ownership

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Afternoon Team,


So currently I have a F11 520d Sport, which is up for sale . I have a few people planned to see it in the new year and a few offers of a swap. I was after a E91 330d.  


Reason being is I commute Plymouth to Portsmouth every week for work so need some thing comfortable and good on fuel. But I have found the 520d to be too big, too boring and an AVG of 40mpg. Not the ground breaking 50mpg I was expecting. Also I like to drive round Europe when I get leave, last year took the old man round the D Day beaches and in 2019 I want to do the Italian lakes and the Stelvio Pass. 


I believe that a E91 330d would tick these boxes, comfortable commute to work and back, cruise to Europe with a bit of speed and style (although the derv will sound crap in tunnels)  I have about £8k wish in my car (up for 8600 with offers at that point) and about 5k in reserve.


I have always wanted an E28 or £24 to get in to the shark nose clique.


I'm not sure an E24 would stand the weekly commute and also the miles getting piled on to it.  Does anyone do this , use it as a Dailey? or do 360ish miles a week in a E28?


So while the Mrs is watching dirty dancing, and waiting to go next door for a New Years eve bash, I have been doing some man maths.


What is I got a E28 for weekends (Classic insurance, limited milage 6k pa) and a cheap golf TDI for my work run?


I have found these 2 e28's, I prefer the 528, looks more gen, a bit of work done on it as well. plus will leave me cash spare. 



gents can I ask your thought on running a E28 as my weekly commute machine or as a weekend only beast!


What range do you get out of your full tanks?





Screenshot 2018-12-31 at 16.25.43.png

Screenshot 2018-12-31 at 16.27.21.png

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If you keep on top of rust and maintenance I don't see why a sorted e28 couldn't be used everyday. 


Ok ok it was 15 years or so ago now but I used to do minimum 50 miles a day in my m535i and 5 years ago I'd happily drive my 525e to Cornwall or northeast. 


Just work through it top it top to bottom and it should prove reliable. Better used than stood. 

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my man maths:


E28 only. 


360 miles per week, 30mpg on avg (quite hard on the fast coast road) = 108 let per weekend @ £1.20 = £130 a week, £523 per month on petrol. 


360 miles / 30 mpg  = 12 gals, x 4.54 ltr =  53.4 x 2 (return trip) = 106 x £1.2 = £128.16 a weekend on petrol, x 4 for a month = £523 / too much! plus the miles on it.




where as the golf will be (avg 50 mpg) known 650 to 700 miles to a tank on that run to pompy (my opportunity has one) so that would be £160 a month on devil juice!


separate insurance for the E24 came in at £160, fully comp and all the bells and whistles. 

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Hi dsgrnmcm,


I used a 1987 black 635csi Highline, when not at sea, for 10 years between 2000 and 2010 for duty trips / commuting from Pompey to Guz / Shabby Wood / Rosyth / Glasgow and always enjoyed the journey.  I put about 150K miles on it in that time and it never left me stranded with regular routine maintenance.  Duty mileage helped with this quite a bit though.


I have also used E28's as daily's since 1998 and again with routine care and maintenance always made it to my destination.


This Forum is also a great resource for help, support and guidance with Shark noses.


Life is about the journey and an E24 or E28 will give you far more smiles per miles.


Life is not a drill it is a live firing run.


Wishing you a Happy New Year.






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Nicely put Mick, I absolutely loved the many long journeys I took when the proud owner of a 1989 E34,  535se, in Royal blue metallic, I was a good bit younger then too, and passion for motoring was almost a nirvana.


Long may it continue.


I'm glad I don't drive cars for a living, so the enthusiasm is still there, just not burning as brightly as it once was.

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