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E90 320i Common faults and Problems

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Dear Forum members,


I've just ran through all the threads available under 3 series, but haven't noticed a topic discussing E90 320i common problems, so I thought I will start one. Anyone who had owned, or are currently owning a E90 with 2 litre 4 cylinder engine are welcome to share their experience owning this vehicle, it is much appreciated.


I am looking to buy E90 specifically 320i. Why 320i you ask ? Well, my wife has recently passed her driving test and obviously myself would be much happier with 530i, but since she is also insisting on driving, :rolleyes: we have to look for a compromise and 320i seems to be a nice choice for a couple of years until she gets some experience and insurance prices will not going to be so outrageous for anything more decent in terms of engine size.


So I’ve been doing some research on 320i’s in particular the 4 door E90’s. But it seems like this 4 cylinder BMW engine were having a lot of issues. People supposedly reporting coil pack failures, fuel injectors failing, also some sort of issue with regards to ECU which supposedly was fixed by software updates, but people were still reporting problems even after the fix were applied on their vehicles. Long story short, I would love to hear from any experts or previous/current owners of E90 320i about their experience and preferably a condensed list of common problems and for what to look out when buying a used 320i. Is the engine really so bad and you would rather walk away from this particular model or all of those reported issues were merely a teething problems on early models and most of those issues were sorted out on latter models onwards ? The fact that I did not manage to find a post on "E90 320i problems" in this forum, fills me with hope that it cannot be that bad ? Or can it ?


At any rate, your thoughts will be hugely appreciated. Many thanks, and a happy new year to everyone! ^_^

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