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E34 Isofix

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They weren't available on the E39 either. Might have been available on split seat variants but not bogo standard, so no chance on an E34.


The 5ers from E60 have them.


Have a trawl around as there may be a kit to retrofit a bracket. Check with BMW.


The MkII Focus didn't have ISOFix points but you could retro fit a Ford part to take the fixings.



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First noticed it in a 1998 Ford Mondeo.   I looked at an 02 plate 530d and I'm fairly sure it didn't have it.


Did the Tourings have it, but not the saloons perhaps? 


That was the argument I put to my Mrs to let me buy my first E60, it had ISOfix.....but it wasn't needed for another 7 years later.;)

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I had three or four cars when we first needed a child seat - only one had it; it made not a jot of difference; if anything the ride for the child without the isofix was more comfortable and as a parent, no less hassle.


Don't get too hung up on Isofix; a normal functioning seat-belt will hold a child seat in sufficiently well - and that's speaking as a time-served Paramedic who has been to one too many an accident involving families.

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