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New car - new problems

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Hi guys.


I'm new to the forum so wanted some help please.


Recently bought a E61 535d sport and I love the thing! Got a few issues that I need help with though.


1. Panoramic roof doesn't work properly, you can get the glass back in stages but the inside cover doesn't seem to want to go back at all? Is this a common problem/straight forward fix?


2. Auto lights switch turns the xenon headlights on in the day, which leads me to believe the dusk sensor isn't working? The rear view mirror is also quite dim. See you home lights don't work either.


3. Had to replace the battery and noticed water sitting in the battery tray. What do I need to check for blockages? Clearly a drainage problem related to the tailgate? Heard that this is a common problem?

Any help with the above points would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.



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Hi & Welcome,


For problem 2, have you checked if the DRL box is ticked in the iDrive? DRL means that dipped beam are on full time with the auto light sensor. 

Problem 3 there are rubber grommets which block up and cause the battery compartment to flood. If you search the forum there are threads on where these are. 

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Panoramic roof problem is very common. Be careful you don't get it stuck open. A full clean and grease of the mechanism might work. There's also a sort of fix where you modify the mechanism so only the big panel moves. However in general the whole mechanism needs an overhaul. BMW does do repair kits now but the job is huge.

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