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E39 530i m sport suspension

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1 hour ago, dg666 said:

As per the title, I (well my dad) is after a complete oem m sport suspension setup for his new 03 530i as it came on coilovers.


Which coilovers? If cheap shitty ones, I agree, replace


But if anything decent, they should be adjustable enough to give you a very similar ride height and feel etc


Personally, I wouldn't put 2nd hand Mtec II suspension on unless you're really down to a budget; it's probably already passed its best!

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Not sure but he's asked a garage to adjust them nd apparently the adaptor rings (or something like that) are quite corroded. He's 62 and doesn't want coilovers, it just pops every divit and bump in to the cabin, own so much nicer 

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