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E34 M5 Touring restoration

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On 27/07/2021 at 14:12, RichardP said:

I don't like driving older cars without having a fire extinguisher in the car, so found an OEM mounting bracket, bought a new extinguisher and fitted it.



Great work as always but I’d leave that for show and stick one of these in your door pocket if you want something that would actually help in an emergency: https://firesafetystick.com/

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Gradually working my way down the list of unobtainable parts that need replacing!


Two down today.


First the passenger side (right) sun visor microswitch that is activated my the mirror door for the light had failed.  Black sun visors are very hard to find, used ones are usually in poor condition, and they are impossible to take apart without pretty much destroying.  Finally found one is Russia, so now at last the vanity mirror light works.




Not 100% perfect, maybe 97%, there is a small scratch in the mirror and a small amount of the weld around the mirror has broken off, but at least it works.  I may investigate opening up the original, fixing the microswitch and having them covered in Alcantara to match the roof. 


The second unobtainable part was the sill plate with the ///M5 logo for the back door.  Over the last couple of years I've managed to find two front NOS parts and one rear used but in good condition.  Just the passenger side rear to fix.  The issue is that the rubber ends perish and disintegrate.  Many people just cut them off and leave the ends square, I decided to try and repair them.  I found some 'donor' sill covers, cut the ends off and attached them to the M5 covers.


Before :




The rubber ends just crumbled in my fingers.


After attaching the new ends with black Shoe Goo which remains flexible but solid.






Again, not 100% as there is still some wear on the sill covers themselves, but a significant improvement.

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