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F11 530D Crankcase Breather diaphram

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As you guys know i had my turbo refurbed which was passing oil on F11 530D. A friend of mine also told me to replace the Crankcase breather diaphragm as I am nearly on 170K. He showed me where on the engine it was and told me to get a replacement. I couldn't find a part number on realoem. I called the dealer and he said it no longer come separately you have to buy the rocker cover which is 300 pound even though i only need the 10 pound part. Dealer suggested I look for an aftermarket part. I found one and ordered it (come from Germany)   it included the diaphragm, spring and new cap. The cost including delivery was around 20 pounds. 


I opened the existing cap and was shocked to find the diaphragm stretched and the spring had no tension and some oil misting in there. Could it be that this was also a problem in addition to the turbo? or even caused issues with the turbo and the oil loss i was having ?


I was told by a mate of mine that some indys would recommend replacing these every 60 to 70 k on the older BMWs as they did suffer a breather problem.  It was a cheap preventative maintenance and took only 10 mins


See pics below.









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I just ordered mine METZGER Valve, engine block breather from here comes from Germany £29 delivered 


2nd more expensive option was out of stock.

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22 hours ago, percha said:

Thanks, can you add link to where you got it from and location in engine bay?



Start video 3.00 finish at 5.20 covers crankcase breather. ;)

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Looking at mine its definitely in need of changed. 


Oil is leaking around it. 


Will clean it out fully when new part arrives. 

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