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Best i-Pod for KCA-420i and unit location

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What is the best i-Pod type and generation to use with the KCA-420i?

What is the better one for speed etc or are they all the same?

I borrowed my friends 2nd gen Touch 8gb and it worked OK. Did take a moment to build all the artists etc but suppose it is the same on all. I know most i-Pods are now 5v so will need the charger adapter.


Also plan on locating the i-Pod in the centre console. Where is best to place the KCA-420i on an E46? 



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I've found the most reliable iPod to use is the 80GB Gen 5.5 iPod Video.  This can relatively easily be upgraded to 240Gb storage if required.


The iPod Classic (last of the 'traditional' iPods) is OK, but more prone to lockup then the Gen 5.5 Video.


The iPod Video or Classic do not require a charge converter or lightning adaptor.


The iPod touch has some disadvantages, for example it does not support the option to exclude artists that are only found on Compilation albums and if you play all tracks from an Artist they are played in either alphabetical or track number order so albums are all jumbled together.  The iPod touch also goes to sleep very quickly, so unless you unplug and reconnect before every journey (even after just stopping for fuel) you need the KCA-420i wake up mod.


There is plenty of room in the dash above the transmission tunnel in an E46, or above the small cubby hole above the drivers right knee in a RHD car.  You can use a 5m AI-Net CD Changer cable to get from the Intravee in the boot back to the front of the car, route it either above/just under the edge of the carpet. 



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Well it seems to be coming together now with your help Richard.

Just ordered an i-Pod Video 5.5 and waiting for that to arrive.

DAB is working quite well off the two TV aerials using the T piece you recommended. Just got to find a permanent home for the module. (Was thinking of making a plate to mount it where the Harman Kardon amp would normally sit behind the BM54)

Just installing some 165mm Alpine Type R components in the front doors and applying Dynamat to the panels.

Carphonics Gen 13 Bluetooth ULF module installed today and working OK.


Also ordered a JL Audio XD500 amp which should hopefully fit in the space left by the CD changer and be supplied by the pre-outs on the uprated Carphonics BM54.

That will power the front components and eventually a 10" JL Audio sub in the boot when my bank balance recovers.

Will eventually uprate the rear speakers but the uprated amp in the BM54 will run those nicely.

Should be a nice more modern setup when it is all finished :)



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