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Gus Alpine e60

What TO-DO-LIST should the car have to be immortal?!

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Hi guys, 


looking for for some info or a good thread on small things with big return to look at an a 520d e60. Not huge like turbo or timing but things that make up a cars life if addressed, like ; thermostats, coolant pipes, seals, bushes, belts and pulleys. 

Really just a to do list that combined can help big time with the cars longevity. For instance regular oil change and back pressure can increase the life of a turbo....so change the oils and keep your DPF healthy and your turbo will more likely be sweeter for longer. 


My e60 seems like some random unicorn car that’s engine isn’t on any threads, or at least common ones. Haven’t checked the engine number but it’s a late 58 plate 520d facelift e60.


so far it’s had;


new dpf

fill service

tranny fluid 

disk and pads 

air intake

all new lights on anything that lights up 


still to fit;

glow plugs 

clutch and flywheel 


so any help would be great. I genuinely couldn’t be happier with the car at 100k. Sounds like a modern petrol, no smoke, no gear change issues and never lets me down. 


Thanks guys 


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Don't bother changing glow plugs unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. Are you planning a trip to the Alps this winter? Moscow maybe? If you go at the GPs you walk on very thin ice. I had glow plugs 1 & 2 error codes in INPA when I got my car 6-7 months ago. I wanted my swirl flaps out, so bought 4 glow plugs to do while I had the intake manifold off.  More research after buying them almost convinced me not to bother. But I am stubborn if anything and steamed ahead.

In the end I narrowly averted disaster with one of them. When I finally got it out the threads had stripped on the steel gp itself but luckily no sign of stripped aluminium threads from the block. Very very lucky IMO.

In my line of work I shear bolts regularly, did one today in fact, then drilled it and sheared the screw extractor in that hole too for good measure. Anyway, I know what it feels/sounds like before it happens and I know it was close that day on the engine. I went to sleep that night with the screeching sound of the too tight gp coming out, repeating over and over in my mind.

I will not be tempting faith ever ever again if I can help it.




I still have the 2 GP errors lol. Car runs fine :)




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Diff fluid change perhaps, power steering fluid, fuel filter, and the rest of the cooling system - water pump, radiator, hoses. Transmission oil cooler ? 

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4 minutes ago, Deviant said:

  I read a few years ago to pour a little engine oil down your glowplug holes a week or so before you planned on changing them. Stuff like this is why I bought an "i" and not a "D" 

Yeah that was the plan bud!! I usually hire ramps once every 3/4 weeks for work so I’ll put some oil down there well in advance. 

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If it's a 58 plate 520d you ought to include take it to a main dealer for the recall check on the timing chains and tensioner wear, which is free. I assume it has the N47 engine.  You could do all the work you listed to keep the car in pristine condition and then have the engine fail. I had mine checked and given the all clear, but now wondering whether there should be a repeat check every 50k miles or so.




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