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EML Code 290900

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Hi Guys, I am new to the forum.


I have a 2010 520d Auto F10.


I have been having whats seems to be the same problem.


My engine management light started coming on around a year ago without any running problems whatsoever. The code read said it was the air mass meter (or air flow related) so I replaced it however the light came on again, and again there were no running problems, and in fact my MPG on a run was getting into late 50's, even 60 mpg.


Since it was running fine I didn't do anything about it but was just annoying that there was a light on.


Last month after some 6 months or so the car stalled in traffic, Upon restarting, initially the car went into reduced power/limp home mode for a few seconds and then was all normal again, except that the EML was still on. For the next few days I noticed very slight hesitancy at a steady speed which reminded me of a previous car I had where the EGR valve needed cleaning.


I took the car to my local garage who said the code was 290900. As such I had a new EGR valve fitted, the cooler was checked and found to be OK with no obvious leaks, I also had a new air filter and oil filter, and a smoke test done to check for any air leaks. 


The smoke test showed some leakage around the intake manifold so when the garage went to replace it, they found the manifold itself was fine, but the flaps needed to be changed, which they then did and fitted a new gasket.


However a few days later the EML came on again!! Code read still says 290900 as per picture.


The garage suspects that it may well be the EGR cooler after all as apparently there are some flaps there too which may not be functioning correctly (and which would not be known when they inspected it).


I am reluctant to keep throwing parts at it, especially as the car runs fine. 


I spoke to BMW customer services and my local dealer who both said that there car is definitely not covered by the recently expanded EGR recall. 


Does any one have any ideas as to what the problem could be or what I should try next? Its driving me round the bend!

2018-12-03 14.07.25-1.jpg

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