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Gus Alpine e60

New Alpine e60 Facelift daily and project

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Hi guys, 


Haven’t seen many many of these kicking around so let me know what you guys think!


Ill be uploading all my to-do list and updates on ramp time so far but I don’t do things by the book, as such. First BMW after moving from TypeR’s, just wanted a cruiser that makes me look like a drug dealer reallyC98A8621-1F92-4DC8-894A-A0354D677401.thumb.jpeg.03a1538e7e4500ae7ea18f5ba7b6f573.jpegF6494209-A31F-45C0-AE01-AC428FC6400C.thumb.jpeg.669d7a1570179cbd9a33f5b6a3bd722c.jpegF37EEE64-8837-4B5F-ACBE-9171BAD34B60.thumb.jpeg.f6923b41671224fc86bfb3a6598a30bc.jpeg 

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