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INPA and BM54/Nav/DSP problems

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Hi. I have a 2004 range rover (sorry) and it suffered the water in the boot thing and got the important bits wet. I fixed the water leak and dried everything out but although I had everything up front working (radio/nav/cd/trip comp) I had no sound. Nothing. So I got a new DSP but still no sound. Perm and switched live and good earth but no sound. Got another BM54 too. When I switched to TV (still analogue so no picture but I do have snow and graphics) it would say at the bottom of the screen mute. I got/get the feeling that something is muting the audio as everything appears ok in the boot. So I started to have a poke around with my INPA lead which has been wonderful with the air ride. I could not talk to the DSP amp so whats wrong there I don't know. As its a second hand amp it stands a chance it doesn't work so its difficult if dealing with unknown items.


New problem I have now is that I was in the nav section and accidently activated "bmw colour nav" or something similar (other option was "bmw mono nav") and now the nav unit/front screen is asking for a software cd and that's it. If I can get it off that screen I only have on road and off road nav options and no more trip computer/set/code.


Will this time out or can I reset the unit somehow? How can I undo this shit storm I seem to have created?


I got this RR as I fancied a change. Wish I'd just bought another BM. Had an E92 and it was brilliant.


Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed any light.



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