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Adam's E39 Touring Project

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My other half and I have just moved out in to our first home and I didn't want to have bad blood with the new neighbours because the Golf is loud. I've wanted a diesel daily for a while, so while I'm VAG through and through, I went to Aberdeen to get a Passat. 



The Passat that I went to go and look at (that was £350), had no clutch at all, no exhaust at all, bumpers were the wrong colour, hanging off etc.  It was a pup. Annoyed and coming back to Glasgow I just kept looking through Facebook to hopefully find something. I tripped over a 525D for £650.


Phoned the boy and he talked me through it and that it had this feature where it doesn't start when it's hot.  Thought I'd risk it. So here it is - my £600, 200k mile, rusty E39:



It's got loads of niggles.  Only one speaker works, the handbrake doesn't work at all, it doesn't start when it's hot (or takes forever when cold), rumbles in reverse, rust everywhere. But, it drives, so I'll send it.

I wasn't going to do anything to it, but that lasted 20 minutes:  



I don't rate Halfrauds much at all, but their number plate lights have a good colour and brightness. Not too bright.


For so many miles, it's not in bad condition inside at all:



All the lights work too:



This is the best thing too:



Went to Bavaria Brauhaus in Glasgow



First up, I bought a new Webasto because the old one doesn't work at all.  I wanted to build an Arduino that would turn it on in the morning for me leaving for work and when getting home.



Using an Arduino Nano, a DS1307 (for time control) and a temperature sensor, I can code up "when it's 6AM, 8 degrees, turn on". Just made from bits I had lying around.

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Got the Arduino Webasto timer mocked up.



Quite simple.  Check the current date and temperature.  If it's not a weekend, is a time when I get up for work (06:45) or leave from work (15:45) and it's cold; fire it up for 15 minutes.  If it's a special day (like Christmas up to New Year), do nothing.  If you jam on a button ("Force Start") then come on for 15 minutes.  All the variables are defined for easy adjusting:



An Arduino Nano, an RTC, some wires, a PCB relay and a few nights cost about £5.  Saves the £250 the BMW one is.  I could add a remote control but I'd rather just time control really.

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Maintenance is key.  Might as well start my ownership with some looking after bits.  Boggo service here.  Oil, filters, cabin filter, spark plugs, fuel filter, coolant.



At the store of my favourite people:




Swirl flap delete.  At 200k, they're all solid (-ly bolted in), but i'm not risking it:



These are the smaller ones (not 32mm).


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And that lasted two days before this happened:




The turbo blew up.  Massively.  Drank a litre of oil, wouldn't crank because it had hydrolocked with oil.  Was bad.  Pulled the injectors (remember and clean around the rocker first and don't let all the crap fall in), cannonballed oil everywhere, reinstalled and somehow it still runs...


Then to celebrate, it blew a bag up.



Drove it like that for a week.

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Looked up resistors.  Drank a beer.



Had a Chinese.  Drank a beer.



Put a Webasto in the oven.  Drank a beer.





Finished my timer (also drank a beer):



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Webasto timer is now in and installed. Previous owner had cut the fused perm. feed to the IHKA for some reason - I presume a dead Webasto was killing the battery? Wired it back in as per OEM and used that as the supply for the Arduino. There's a ground there too.


Pulled the temperature sensor through the grommet that the loom goes through and then tied it up onto the inner wing. Just got to wait for a cold day!


Also replaced the bulbs in the cluster so can now see mileage and plugged the dimmer back in (looks like previous owner also unplugged it for an unknown reason). Hasn't gone on fire yet so must have been caught then they had the cluster out (also for an unknown reason).

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Jesus H Christ on a bike... That looks to be hell of a project!




There is a dedicated projects thread for stuff like this at the bottom of the tech sections ;) 

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You like the food pictures?  Wasn't sure how popular that would be on a "build thread".  Other half and I are going to Edinburgh next week for the German markets.  We went last year and it was amazing, so I'll grab some pictures there too!


Then off too Hutchesons in the New Year for a meal - so there will be more.  Best steak around too (beats that Miller and Carter pish!).

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So she went for an MOT and passed.  Obviously.


The headlight issue is really getting to me, so I have ordered up US markers, bi-xenon projectors, LED fulls and a 55w D2S bulbs and ballasts. All China specials.  I'd usually get Morimoto but I'm just not spending that kind of money on a car where the gearbox probably won't last a year.  Ordered them a week ago and they've somehow got from China to here in record time!  Everyone that knows HIDs knows that Morimotos are the best and having used their stuff, I'd agree (for the most part).  Their ballasts are heavy and work well, their bulb colour is good and they're bright.  The last set I got weren't that great (noisy ballasts that they said was normal, then the bulbs washed out, meh).

Anyway, China:





The bulbs are 8000k and that's what I run in the Golf.  With 55w behind them, they wash out to around 6000k and I like it.  Not too ABSO blue, just a nice colour.  These are asbo blue.  I might have to swap them out.


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Malone's do tank juicy!



Went to the Ivy for dinner.  Was absolutely stunning but was ruined by two pretentious kents next to us.  I was half way through paying and the other half was having a conversation with the waitress when the two guys next to us interrupted asking for service.  Ended up in a reasonably heated argument in the middle of a posh-AF restaurant.  




Tempura prawns and squid.  



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So it's now much, but I've bought a GSM module for the Webasto.  I need some coding or something to do now I'm off (I had loads of holidays so I'm off till the New Year).  A GSM module will let me send and receive texts.  




A bunch of things going on here:

It has built-in GPS so I can track the car (if it gets lost/stolen).  I just have to send it a text with the word "TRACK" and it'll reply with it's Lat/Long.  Same as "enable", "disable", "status" etc.  The Nano can't do much more, so I'll add a Force Start button (if I don't text and want it on while I'm in) and a permanent switch off.


Like Derek, I've bought projectors and I'll run 55w ballasts.  I've got an old set of Moris that I'll probably run instead.  Painted them up the other day (going full satin) so will grab pictures tomorrow.

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Burst the headlights open good and proper:



Plan is: 
3.0" AES blue-glass bi-xenon projectors

Morimoto 6500k 35w bulbs

Morimoto 55w ballasts

Nighteye LED full beam

Orange side markers/bulbs


I used these in the Golf so they can go here too.  5w21 bulb holder:



Will need jamming in the OEM indicator bulb holder somehow.


Also bought HB3 Nighteye bulbs but obviously they won't fit.  Need to fab something up here too:



Started off with a wood drill for extra pie-key ness.












Took the dag out:



Cowboyed the LED fulls and resin'd them together:


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Took a very happy Lab up a hill:


Time to fit the new projectors to the holders:


Two bolts fit, two don't.  They also don't fit far enough down, so I'll tap the existing standoffs to pull it closer.



It's M4, for anyone that cares:


Quite digging the blue glass on the lens.  Wiring next.

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