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Power folding wing mirrors types - Advice please?

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All, humbly requesting your knowledge once again (but admittedly first time as a registered user rather than a lurker).


My '98 528 which had power folding mirrors is soon to be off to the knackers yard. Just bought an '03 525 tourer to take its place, which is very good spec but missing the power folding mirrors. These are kind of essential for me as I can only make it through the gate at the end of my drive into the back garden if mirrors are folded in, and trying to the passenger one from the drivers seat has already gotten annoying. My house wall is one side of the drive, neighbours is the other, so widening the drive isn't an option!


From many a post on here previously (Thanks Raymond in particular!), I gather that the swap out will be straight forward as the wiring exists in the recipient 525, and I will have the relays / switch from the donor 528. My question relates to the two different styles of mirror which I now have, as shown below.


The older power fold mirrors are rounded and wider (or longer might be a better word - the distance from body outwards)...



... where as the newer cars non power folding mirrors are shorter and squarer, also tapered down towards the bottom front.



My question is, do the squarer late model mirrors also exist with power folding, or have I got the wrong end of the stick and it's not a facelift difference, but in fact all power folders are the more rounded bigger mirrors, due to needing extra room for the mechanism to do the folding? Googling hasn't really clarified this, and ebay searches are showing me a lot of the older power folding style, and plenty of M5 knock offs and third party stuff, not finding any genuine BMW squarer folders. If they do exist, guessing they are pretty scarce?


Thanks for your input!

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i did noticed the exact thing! the folding ones do look bigger and they might not fit! ive only looked on eBay myself and im reluctant to buy any 

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