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745i for sale.

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10 hours ago, pidgeonpost said:

I know not everyone's a Facebook fan,  but just in case anyone's interested just noticed this little runabout for sale. 


Looks ok; but basic spec (not even heated seats), no integrated Bluetooth etc and it's still a big V8


Over priced by around £2k IMO! It's a pre-facelift, less desirable


Much better ones out there; facelift too

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1 hour ago, pidgeonpost said:

Possibly why it's been advertised for a while then.... 


Yup; there are E39s that are still being advertised, that were for sale when I bought my previous Sapphire Black one back in May 2017!


Same with a lot of cars; stupidly overpriced and simply won't sell for anywhere near that amount 

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Yes, I'd looked recently at some of the prices asked for E39s and thought 'dream on'. I would really like to have bought one back in 2015, but my Mrs was nervous that they were perhaps a bit elderly to have as our main car. I can't now justify changing on a whim, and can't afford one as a weekender/project car as it has to be our main car. The E60 we bought has worked well enough for us, but there's something about the look of the E39 that just does it for me. :D

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