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535i Andrew

Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

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Nice thread and some great cars.  Interesting to see the steps and occasional sale regrets.  I miss my first BMW (the E34) but selling was the right thing to do at the time.  Anyway, my history....

E34 525i Sport Manual Daytona Violet


E30 C2.5 Alpina Covertible


E46 330Ci Sport Manual Atlantis Blue (Still owned)


F10 520d Auto


F10 520d Auto


G30 520d Auto (current)


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Amazing to see some real rare beauties on here. I may have dribbled quite a bit.


Mines shorter than some but I do love these big german lumps.


First BMW I owned back in 2012 was this 2001 Y reg E39 530d SE Auto Touring with many toys:



Unfortunately my circumstances changed in 2013 and with having proven to be so utterly unreliable I made the hard decision to sell and swore off BMW's but kept looking at them online and thinking maybe one day.


Fast forward to 2017 and after a messy break up I had no car and not much money. My brother however had treated himself and upgraded from his 2003 E46 318i to a 2012 F30 328i and as the 318i had some running issues he offered it to me for peanuts as long as I fixed it. So I did.and ended up using it for a bit but I just didn't gel with it. not sure if it was the lack of 2 cylinders or that it just didnt feel very substantial compared to my old 5 but just never bonded with it,




So short time later (never even bothered putting my name on the logbook) I part ex'd it against a rather nice 2004 E60 520i SE. Had actually been looking for either a 525 or 530 and erring more towards the e39 but I just could not say no to this especially after the test drive when it pulled so much better than the 525i I had test driven earlier that day. Needed some cosmetic attention but mechanically sound and got a great deal (1K plus the E46)




Unfortunately fate was not kind to me. To pay off debts my ex had left me with I was working 2 jobs so my down time to work on cars was slim and when the sump gasket sprung a leak I decided to do a few other jobs I had been planning so I bought a Rover to run around in and started the work. With the car in bits and looking sorry for itself I was then involved in a rather painful crash which I am still getting over from September 2017. As a result it wasn't until August 2018 that I started working on it again slowly and eventually got it running again. Ran like a bag of crap, had loads more issues and half the electrics had died - E60's do not like being left apparently. As the run around car I had got to use that suited my back was an old Audi A4 auto I thought I could keep using that tlll I got this sorted. Then the Audi blew and I needed a replacement so decided to get another E60.


Leading me to my current baby that is going nowhere:




Once I get my crash compo hoping to get something a bit older and more unusual to keep as a toy but this car is going nowhere for the foreseeable although nervously I am taking it temporarily off the road to do the suspension as I have to work slowly with my back - if anyones local to bracknell and wants to help let me know :P



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Its been a while since I have been on, but here's my list of BMs.


First BM:



Then defected to an Audi A3.


Second BM:



Then swopped into my 3rd BM:



Since defected and now in a Merc. I miss that 535d.

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