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535i Andrew

Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

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My first Beemer that started the ball rolling and away from the likes of Ford n Vauxhall. 

A low owner E34 530i V8.

You couldn't hear the engine at low to medium revs and with 218bhp would go when given some revs as it was inheritly a short stroke engine. 

When I sold it and it drove away I nearly sobbed.


car pics 006 - Copy - Copy.jpg

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5 hours ago, chemicalal said:

First car ever bought - A 2000 328i Touring with Msport goodies incl suspension . Bought approved used from BMW in Edinburgh in 2003.


 that is the same e46 I had a few years ago. wish I kept her.

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Yes, I loved it too. 

The first Inspection 2 service approx 5k miles after I bought it was an eye opener. 

Iirc it was £1200 as I stoopidly got them (BMW Dealer) to change both rear tyres! 

Sold it in 2006 to start my love/hate relationship with 80’s BMW’s. 

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On 17/11/2018 at 11:53, d_a_n1979 said:

Now my 4th; BMW E65 730D Sport. Overall a fantastic car with a cracking spec and the right size car for a gentleman of my stature :lol: 



Hi Dan! How do you find a diesel engine after such nice 6 cylinders petrols you had before?

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53 minutes ago, Vlady said:

Hi Dan! How do you find a diesel engine after such nice 6 cylinders petrols you had before?

Hi Vlady,


you know what mate, only today I was talking to my mate about how I miss that car. Loved it, the 4 pot F11 is pretty bland. I get 600 to a tank, but it's boring and sounds crap.

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2 hours ago, Vlady said:

Hi Dan! How do you find a diesel engine after such nice 6 cylinders petrols you had before?


In all honesty pal, really enjoying it. It pulls effortlessly and is very smooth indeed.


I’m going to get it terracleaned & then remapped by Mark - @Mashed Potatoes and then it’ll be perfect then I reckon. Overall, it’s a superb car & im thoroughly enjoying owning it :)

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This was the one that kicked it off for me after having a succession of rwd Fords, a 2000 535i Sport;




 After that I had the only car I really regret selling, the M5; 






 After that I had a bit of a change and got myself an e46 330d Touring Sport in black, with a black leather interior and a manual gearbox, oh, and some 'go faster' bits, I had loads of people want to buy that car off me; 






 I ended swapping it with a mate (who still has it) for this, a '96 540i; 






 For some reason I never really got on with that car and sold it back to the above mentioned mate and at that point I thought I was done with BMWs/e39's and then this popped up on the 'bay for cheap, a 540i se in Oxford green and it wasn't all that far away, and I may have been slightly drunk.......  




 Since then it's been converted to Sport spec and fitted with a set of style 37's; 





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What cars some of you had! Fantastic collection gents! I am jealous here but happy for you!

My history is much simpler, our first BMW was an e34 520i in manual form, my dad still has it!20170510_185021.jpg.fe1ee1b963eb50087751ab327bc33ddb.jpg


Next one was a 320d Auto, good car to drive but very unreliable, lots of money was spent on it and at the end I p/x for Honda Civic and thought will never go back to BMW:



But 10 months later of owning a Civic I just couldn't resist and p/x for a nice e39 525d manual, it was a nice car and I had it for almost 4 years!



After I sold an e39 I bought myself a Passat and was happy with it first month and then wanted to go back to BMW, finally I convinced my wife that she can keep my Passat (she loved it) and I will get another BMW so it was this time an e60, great car, the most reliable car I had so far, loved it but little rust started appearing and I had to get something else!20170205_151746.jpg.901b90020cd1bed1da7a2b837fca6987.jpg20160320_104608.jpg.3bf885778e927da95c43a23cb6d64fb3.jpg

I am sure I am not done with BMW yet, I am really tempted by g30 x-drive 530d probably! 

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Three from me.

My first BMW was an 02 530d Sport, bought at 18 m0nths old with 13,000 on the clock from BMW main dealer "Specialist Cars" in Luton.




My second was a pre-facelift E46 330i Sport in beautiful Imola Red. Bought this one from a dealer near Aldermaston.




And the last one was an 03 535i Sport bought unseen on ebay from a seller in Macclesfield. Had this one for 10 years, longest I've ever owned a car. Now owned by Sandip.



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Few others I’d forgotten about. 330ci MSport with 25k on the clock. Bought it for £5k and sold it for £9k. 

Second one is a 535d Touring which I bought for my wife. Sold again after 6 months as it was too small


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I've had shares in a few BMW's as well as owning my own.

The first an E30 325i Touring. Annoyingly I cannot find any pictures of it! It doesn't matter as it was an absolute dog, and if remebered correctly had been crashed. Was only purchased for the engine and gearbox to go into this:




A 1972 Triumph 2000. I know it isn't a BMW but it contains the main part of the frist BMW we had at home! From checking the MoT history on the DVLA website it still exists and is being used. 


The next was an E36 328i. Was my friend's before my step dad bought it, but I helped a lot with the work needed for it. Two years before purchasing it my friend drove it through a flood and killed it. It sat in his garden un-touched (he got pre-occupied with a few E21's and what is now my E34) and my step dad bought it for an upcoming Nurburgring trip. In 10 weeks it had a new lease of life with a new working engine, suspension, wheels, removal of most of the interior and some tlc. We left for Germany on the Thursday and the Monday before it was started for the frst time. The MoT test went on it on the Wednesday and between the Monday and Thursday it did a total of 12miles. We did nearly 1000 miles in it to Germany and back plus a few laps and it was faultless.



It then got an M-sport front bumper, roll cage and a 3 piece rear wing. Went back to Germany the following year but I didn't go.


I was on the verge of buying it to use as a daily car but then the girlfriend said she wouldn't drive it and seeing as she had to use my car to get to work at the time I had to let it pass as I had no where to store it.


I then sold my track car (I had a Clio 172 at the time) as I was fed up of having a heavly modified car and keeping it going and bought my friends E34 535i, probably one of the better decisions I have made in cars! The aim is to get it to an OEM+ restored state and its on the way, final few jobs to be done on it.





I also drive an M140i as my daily car. Cracking little car it is. So comforatable and then a total beast when you feel like it. Definately more of a GT car than a track machine. Although if I needed to do a long drive/road trip I would probably get in the E34 though.


Not sure what the next BMW I will have. Aim is to keep thr E34 for a long time. Once the restoration is finished (hopefully by the summer!) it will cost me nothing to keep. I have the M140i for a few more years, so who knows what will be around when it is time to replace that! Rumours have it that the new M140 is going to be a 4 cyclinder and FWD (that is coming from the salesman who sold me mine). If it is then I will not be having one.

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I've had loads and loads, i'd struggle to remember the correct order but i'll try





my first 318i













325i Sport






325iSE auto






Alpina C2 2.7 - i've still got this





325i touring 





another 325i touring........





320i touring with an Alpina 2.5 engine






Alpina C2 2.7 touring best E30 i've had





325iSE auto







i think thats all the E30s!






316i family heir loom!






328i touring





318i auto





318i manual 






318i manual





Alpina B3 3.2 Touring






Alpina B3S touring - still got this 






My first e34 525iX manual, owned it twice lol was a turd really






purple ronnie 518i touring






The daddy B10 Bi turbo 






3.8 M5 6 speed - my favourite E34 by a mile  






Current E34 project which has had a crashed B10 bi turbo reshelled into it. Started off life as a Dutch LHD 525i touring. Its not been completed yet into a road worthy car 


Theres been more but i didn't realise it was this many!













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I should have pics of all but none to hand. 


My my first was my dearly missed e28 m535i

then a 525e bought for 120 for panels

an e36 318i touring

followed by an e46 330d touring. Seems love for these. I didn't get on with it at all. 

E34 525ix

e39 523i touring

e36 m3 saloon. Caused me many headaches but pretty sorted once I'd finished then sold

another e28 525e recently discussed

my current e39 530d manual sport touring

a very brief ownership of an e28 528i now with captain beaky

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Top left E36 316i

Top right E36 328i sport

Middle left E36 M3 3 litre

Middle right E36 M3 Evo

Bottom left current car 528i sport manual (my daily since 2015!)

Bottom right e92 M3 


Absolutely love my 528i she runs like a fecking dream! 



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Some really great looking BMs there, enjoyed scrolling through them all.


Just two for me, both E39s. A 1999 523i SE from Feb 2009 to Feb 2018 and a 2001 540i Sport from April 2018 until.....Who knows?


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