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ISTA Version (DATE)

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Hi all,


Does anyone know what date my ISTA version is on my car?? I assume its never been updated so want to know what the benefits are of having it done??


I have the following


Current - F010-11-03-502


FYI its an 11 plate car





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Hi Dave, F010-11-03-502 = 2011 03 and is the integration level of software across all of the car's modules. ISTA is the software tool for diagnostics and if used with BMW's ICOM, programming.


BMW won't do it for you unless there is a fault they are trying to rectify or they replace a part that needs a software update. There is too much risk of a module failing during the update and you being lumbered with the cost of replacement.


You could take the risk and do the update yourself but I wouldn't do it and I doubt you'd notice any benefit if you do have it updated.

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Thanks Matthew, ive been speaking to a guy on another forum and he has been doing updates to various F10s when fitting 6WA or 6WB clusters as the older software wont display various things correctly..


I am on the fence though, part of me thinks there must be a million little tweaks here and there in the software over the years to make an improvement, but the other side of me thinks if it aint broke dont fix it....



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