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Disable EGR

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Hello guys, 

I sealed my EGR valve and I get the error code P0401. 

Is there any possability to turn of the EGR via coding so I don't get this code anymore?
I am somewhat new to coding with NCS Expert and I have looked into some modules. In a list of modules I found a module called AGR, but can't find in in my data for NCS Expert.


Does somebody have a hint on how to proceed in this regard?


Thanks in advance!

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You can make the ecu ignore the error code by editing it out, but you will need to first pull your map file from the ecu, edit out the code then install the map again, but you will still have an EGR map active but no error code thrown.


You can do all this with a half decent laptop a cheap lead of the internet and MPPS software, i don't have the software name handy to edit out error codes as im at work but will post it up when i finish tonight.

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