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hippie dave

Abandoned cars

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Has anyone had any experience of getting these bumped off? 

There's two clogging up parking space in my street. 

One is on SORN, not insured and has had no MOT for around 18 months. The other is on Bulgarian plates, has a flat tyre and faded paint. It is obvious that neither has moved for a very long time. 

I've written to the Police, DVLA, and the council with full details. 

Police have explicitly told me that because they hold no record of either, they wont do anything. Told me that the council and the DVLA will deal with it. 

Council have told me that the one on Bulgarian plates is under investigation, and that the UK registered car is now under investigation since I've told them about it, but "our investigations may take some time". I'm not holding my  breath. 

Heard nothing from DVLA. 

Having done a bit of research: DVLA are responsible only for the tax. Police are responsible for no MOT/No insurance. 


So, despite the hysterical warnings these organisations like to issue about staying above board and legit, it sounds to me like its all optional. 

So, back to the original question: Short of setting these cars on fire, anyone got any ideas as to how to make them disappear?



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All of them are responsible in some way, none of them have the resources to do the jobs properly.  Same as cops don't come out to minor road accidents, burglaries etc - too busy dealing with wolf whistles and name calling.  NHS won't take you at A & E unless you've spent half your life trying to call NHS 24.  Schools can't teach the kids properly because of staff shortages and tight budgets.  Councils don't fix the roads because they have no money.  The list goes on.




I have a broader question.  All of these things were done properly - or at lease a lot better - 20 plus years ago.  So - we have about 25 million more people in the UK, mostly paying tax.  We could afford a decent standard years ago, but not now - so my question is this - WHERE'S ALL THE MONEY??  Why is it that despite us all being told that the economy has come on in leaps and bounds over the last couple of decades, that we as a nation seem to have no bloody money for anything?  Where is the cash going?

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My first E60 was found 10 weeks after being stolen when a resident in Edinburgh reported it being sat in a parking spot for 10 weeks.


I have seen cars local to me clamped by the DVLA for not having tax or being sorn'd but sat on the road.


Or just torch it, they'll soon come out and deal with them that way!

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16 minutes ago, The Flying Banana said:

Call  a local scrap boy ( just a local metals yard ) with a hi- ab and  tell him you have lost keys etc and just wanted it lifted - loads will do it


I'm not so sure tbh.... I'll be surprised if they don't ask for the logbook on the uk plated one! The Bulgarian one just torch it! If a uk plated car was left over there abandoned I don't think it would remain in the same place for any sustained period of time...;)

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The DVLA won't do anything because they probably cant trace the owner easily to issue a fine, if it was yours or mine they'd be all over it like a rash as there would be fines they'd likely get.

I reported two vans on the road outside work to the DVLA that were there for 2-3 months without Tax/MOT, I knew they were from the local car dealer who took them in px.


They never did anything and they's only just been moved by the guy with the garage.


Like everything .gov they will be stretched to the max and will concentrate on issues that generate cash for them.


Personally I'd go with the above and call a scrappy from a call box.

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Environmental health could be an option, should an oil slick “appear” underneath one day, I’m sure someone would be obliged to do something pretty quickly to get it removed on environmental grounds. 

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On 02/11/2018 at 14:27, bmwf113.0d said:

Call a scrappy from a call box.


On 06/11/2018 at 21:44, LukeH said:

Environmental health could be an option, should an oil slick “appear” underneath one day.


On 02/11/2018 at 13:50, Yokozuna said:

Why don’t you push/drag them into the road? They will get moved pretty sharpish when they’re causing an obstruction 


Thanks for the responses Gents. I think that's what'll have to be next, in descending order of preference.

Still heard nothing. Clearly going through the proper channels is a totally pointless exercise. 

Plod's response f***ed me off. I get that they're stretched, honestly I do. However, They've got the UK -plated car hook line and bloody sinker yet have openly stated that they wont do anything. 

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