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Intravee audio stopped working

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The audio from my Intravee stopped working today.


The car: 1999 528i Touring with Hi-Fi amplifier and Business Cassette non-nav radio.


My setup: Intravee connected to OEM CD Changer wiring. Alpine KCA-420i adapter connected to Intravee. Scosche power adapter, and official Apple 30-pin to lightning adapter between the Alpine iPod adapter and my iPhone 6.


This setup has worked fine for approx. 2 months with daily use. My phone still charges up,  and the on-screen displays and menus still work fine, it's just the audio that's gone out. I can hear some noise when the phone is connected that goes away when the phone is disconnected, for what that's worth.


I have tried unplugging the CD changer connections and reconnecting them, as well as rebooting the Intravee through the menus.


I have also plugged in a known good OEM CD changer, which works fine, audio and all.


Wonder if anyone else has had such a sudden failure? Or if anyone has any advice? Thanks!

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An audio failure is almost always in the connection between the KCA-420i and iPod, so cable, power adaptor or lightning adaptor. If both channels have failed simultaneously I'd go for the lightning adaptor as the power adaptor does nothing to the audio. Do you have, or could you borrow and old style iPod with dock connector?

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Hi Richard, thanks for the help!


Turns out it was my iPhone, as I tried a traditional cassette-aux cable and that did not work either.


Rebooted the phone and all works well with the Intravee now!


Wish my phone was as durable as the Intravee, or the car for that matter!

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