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Audio upgrade

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The story so far.

I have read the very informative links on upgrading the audio from the frankly appalling standard system fitted in my car 2016 f11 Msport on this site and several others and have carried out the following

Replaced front door speakers with MB quart mid and tweeters (fitted in the screen pillar) and put sound deadening in the doors

Replaced the underseat sub woofers with MB Quart 200mm units


This made a pretty big improvement and I could stop here, however I have managed to obtain through ebay an almost half price JBL 704 4ch amplifier and Audison bit ten DSP and I am working out what to do to install it


Which I think will be as follows

Speaker level input  into the DSP from the speaker connections under the seats. This pair of left and right signals  I will feed into the front left and right of the DSP and the rear left and right of the DSP via a pair of link cables. I think this is OK to do I would welcome confirmation.

The DSP output will then provide a low level signal which can be fed into the amp via 4 RCA cables.

The mid range front left and right with tweeters  will then be connected to channel 1 and 2 of the amp and the under seat subs will be connected to 3 and 4 of the amp


The DSP and amp need connecting to the battery and earth and the DSP Rem out signal can be connected to the rem in port of the amp for remote turn on. Question where do I pick up the remote turn on signal for the DSP? Can this just be a 12V signal from the ignition. It shows an output from the head unit in the schematic as shown below





I am wading through the Audison manual and will post about its set up when I have done the basics. If anybody has any tips/guidance on this please post (particularly the Rem in for the DSP)






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Spot on, exactly as i would do (and probably will in a g31) and i know others have. 

The bit10 has signal sensing so it can turn itself on - "Through the MASTER (INPUT FL) input. The AUTO TURN ON (ART) function is enabled by connecting an 
amplified head unit output to the INPUT FL input channel. This function can be disabled by moving the 
SPEAKER TURN ON switch to OFF (see 4 - 4.5)." 

You could simplify it by recoding your idrive to hifi output which flattens the eq ready for the factory amp, so you could do without the dsp and rely soley on the amp adjustments but if youve got the bit10 stick with it. 

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Thanks SuperDave I can now see how the remote turn on for the DSP is provided by autosensing from the front Left  high level speaker input.


The following is a connection schematic I have prepared for the install.which may be of help to other dissatisfied standard  BMW audio. owners.



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I have found that the Audison has a switched live input option as well as the speaker level start up. Does anybody know a switched live that I can piggy back off in the rear fuse box?



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Hi All

Quick update

I have now installed everything and the sound is another level up from just changing the speakers and I haven't done much yet with the bit 10. i am however having a little difficulty working out how to adjust the JBL amp gain relative to the input signal from the Audison, and would welcome any comments on the procedure I have carried out so far.

1 Set head unit output to give a clipped sinusoidal signal which I can judge via an oscilloscope (I have a swept sine wave signal on a CD as part of the Audison kit)

2 Adjusted input gain on Audison so that the clip LED just flashes on each input channel

3 Carried out de qualisation of HU signal via Audison software and pink noise input

4 Connected the front left speaker output to the oscilloscope and disconnected the other speakers.

5 Set crossovers on the amp for front mid and tweeter to HP 80Hz and rear for under floor sub to LP 80Hz (I will probably run these channels as full and use the Audison filters eventually). I think 80Hz HP and LP is probably a bit low and should be around 150Hz for the MB quarts I have. (Any comment here is particularly welcome).

6 With the same input level from the HU as the input adjustment set up  I went to adjust the amplifier output, however I observed on the scope the peak to peak signal was almost 4V with only a very small increment of the gain control on the amplifier. I am not sure that I really understand this. I have the remote control option and I had adjusted this to give zero attenuation. Should this be set to 75% max signal and then adjust the amp which would mean applying more gain from the amp?


This as far as I have got and I am quite looking forward to getting to grips with optimising the EQ, filters and time delays to get hopefully a really clean powerful sound. Does anybody have any guidance/advice on how to adjust these controls?




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From other comments ive read you're right 80hz is too low for the crossover-120probably better. 

While i know the bit ten will do a decent de-eq, is it worth recoding your headunit to hifi output to start with the most neutral output? Its a quick job with e-sys and a cable. 

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